Monday, 16 July 2012

Quirk Me Up!-Part 1

We love the word 'Quirky' and so do we love the brand 'Quirk Box', Not only does it have a notably cool name but also exorbitantly amazing clothes. The minute we set our eyes at their quirky collection we were head over heels and by any cost we wanted to collaborate with this peachy brand. 

The next thing we needed to make this post even better was a quirky blogger, so we called over Style-Seekers and had a fun shoot. We have done a series of shoot with 'Quirk Box' and Style-Seekers. This one is just one of them. 

A little bit about Quirk Box: Quirk Box, is a fresh fun & Quirky Fashion & Lifestyle 

label. Quirk Box is a roller coaster ride over a colourful rainbow full of pop, kitschy, loud, 

yummy, tangy Fashion & Lifestyle products with a load of attitude & spunk.

If you need to revamp your wardrobe with bright pop hues and 
funky prints that will automatically revamp your look and attitude too, We suggest 'Quirk Box'. They have an array of quirky clothes, cushion covers, frames, coffee mugs and we can go on...But we suggest you check it out yourself.

Hop on to their FACEBOOK page and show 'em some Love! 

As for the look: Its perfect for those bright sunny days in this outlandish weather. It instantly perks your day making everything around you look fresh and beautiful. Team up a neutral top with a cool biker jacket in case the weather decides to take a 'u-turn' also bright/printed bottoms are a must this season. Wearing anything light colored could be a disaster with the muck around in Mumbai.
Since your top would be pale and light colored wear colorful jewellery to compliment the bright bottoms and whats a better choice than Just Jewellery? We cater to all those who dig colors, colors and some more colors.

Do check out Style-Seekers personal blog for great styling tips.

Styling- Style-Seekers.

Want to grab some quirky love?

Shop online from  

To purchase from  JUST JEWELLERY  drop in a mail to us at
with a link of the product you would like to purchase! 

We deliver anywhere around the world & also you can customize your own jewellery.

Aren't we cool?  

Stay Tuned for the QUIRK ME UP-PART 2 

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